The Atelier is a co-working space for Psychotherapists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Life Coaches, and otherWellness Professionals. We offer a venue for clinicians to independently own and operate their private practices through a no-hassle, fully equipped and beautifully furnished space.

The Atelier is an exclusive community that allows Wellness Professionals the space to start and grow a successful private practice. The collaborative ecosystem makes it possible for you to start seeing clients immediately with less out of pocket expenses of starting a traditional practice which can cost thousands of dollars.

In our space you can focus on what you’re passionate about and share your wins with others who are on the same path. All of this and you don’t have to do it by yourself, we’re here to support you in this journey.

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The Atelier

5505 Edmondson Pike Suite 102 Nashville, TN 37211

Tel. 6156697334

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