Stacey Lanier, LPC-MHSP

I moved to Nashville in 1996, and have had the pleasure of watching it grow into the “It” city. My two sons and I consider it home and have a great community of friends and family. Private practice can be extremely rewarding, and yet difficult to master. I should know, it took me three times to get it right. After being in practice for over twelve years and as a female, solopreneur, I’ve found that one key to success is having the right support system in place.

That’s why Ila and I formed The Atelier- to help clinicians reach their goals of success in private practice. Within a supportive, thriving community of helping professionals, we believe we can help you put those pieces together. The Atelier is a space where you can consult and learn from other clinician members, as well as send and receive referrals from within our community. With the right pieces in place, we firmly believe, you can do it!